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Garden Design
Garden Design    

Code: Garden Design

As a qualified Garden Designer and is also currently studying for a Professional Diploma in Garden Design , my passion lies in this area.

We offer a personalised garden design service, whether it be a blank canvas garden in a new property or the desire to improve an established garden we can create a garden design just for you taking into account your gardening capabilities, resources, lifestyle and taste.

We will start initially with a consultation where we visit your garden to discuss your requirements, take basic measurements and dimensions and discuss budgets and basic ideas and concepts.

We should start with an overall basic garden plan detailing your wishes and incorporating any ideas and suggestions.

This takes into account the uses of your garden, and characteristics which will help in placing the elements of the design.

We will then produce outline plans, detailing ideas and suggestions from which you can choose a preferred design. At this stage we can produce a full scale professional garden design illustrating the position of all elements of the plan.

We will illustrate specific plants and shrubs and any suggestions we feel may be useful in creating the perfect garden for you.


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