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Code: Fencing

As specialists in Jackson Fencing products and as an approved installer, we can offer you the very best in fencing products We can cater for budgets demanding a different approach and we can provide a range of alternative solutions to your requirements.

Almost every home needs fencing around their property whether it be as a boundary, to prevent children or pets roaming or for privacy.

We can install a variety of fences ranging from a standard 6x6 fence panel and post to something more elaborate.

Most of us take little notice of fencing but they can be used to create great effect in our gardens.

Have you considered a willow structure for a natural look or an ornamental fence for a Japanese feel or to make a fence a backdrop for climbers or floral displays?

Whatever your needs we are happy to offer advice on the most practical and aesthetically pleasing solution.

  • Cleft Chestnut Paling
  • Feather Edge Pales
  • Fixings and Fastenings
  • Gateposts
  • Landscaping Products
  • Palisade Pales
  • Panels
  • Posts
  • Rails
  • Sawn Softwood
  • Stakes and Rails Machine Rounded
  • Stakes and Rails peeled and treated
  • Stakes and Strainers Peeled and Pointed
  • Steel Post Anchors
  • Wire Fencing

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